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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
- Albert Einstein -

The Lean Sonics Process

We've remixed start-up agility with corporate rigour to meet the wave of needs for new projects and ventures. Our hands on fast paced process is designed to effectively deliver commercially viable solutions for your venture challenges.
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Comine expertise, skills & insight to evaluate and discover the right, focus and goals for new projects, ideas and product experiences that can generate global venture waves.


Co-create, ideate and validate business models, partnerships and products experiences to assess true potential market fit - rapidly at low cost and low risk.


Catalyst. Dynamic design and revenue focused delivery for new projects, product experiences and ventures. Build, Go-To-Market and generate revenue with Lean Sonics.



"Lean Sonics team did a fantastic job delivering the Rvvup website and branding as well as providing comprehensive strategic venture advisory on the customer proposition and business approach. I'd highly recommend working with them"

David Nunn
CEO, Rvvup

"...provided key strategic insights and actionable recommendation materials on the proposition, partnership and the venture investment approach.... look forward to working with them on future projects."

Bruno Genovese
CEO, MG Empower

"...played a key role in delivering new customer focused initiatives and establishing partnerships with clients including Samsung, Sony pictures and Virgin Group."

David Hall
Director, Virgin Money Plc

"Neill is one of the most entrepreneurial characters I have met. His combination of business acumen and tech savvy is a huge asset."

Andrew Patrick White
Founder/CEO, Fundapps

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