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Lean Sonics remixes start-up agility with corporate rigour to deliver commercial projects and ventures.

Sound Ventures
Evaluation & Discovery

Combine ideas, leading market expertise, skills & insight to evaluate, discover & create the next supersonic project venture.

The Next Wave
Defining Success & Objectives.

Creating supersonic waves isn't easy. Companies and projects at all stages leverage our proven approach to define their success strategy and optimise the potential to dominate new markets.

Lean Sonics
True Validation

Master co-creation, ideation, true market-fit and deliver cost effective real customer validation that has been proven on new project categories and ventures for major companies including Virgin.

Venture Catalyst
The Next One

Creating the next successful project needs a catalyst. Build, launch and grow revenue with Lean Sonics.

The Sound Barrier

Rapid, iterative growth needs a sound approach. Achieve success and scale your project or venture.

Let's Talk.

"The best ideas start as conversations" - Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple

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Work with global experts covering a wide range of industry ventures from FinTech to iPaaS, Strategy, BI, Entertainment, Marketing, HealthTech, AdTech and eCommerce.
Neill Watson Venture Development Lean Sonics
Neill Watson
Venture Development
Chris Bishun Investment Consultant Lean Sonics
Christopher Bishun
Investment Consultant
Kibi Anderson Investment Consultant Lean Sonics
Kibi Anderson
Digital & Entertainment
Dhiraj Mukherjee - Lean Sonics Advisor
Dhiraj Mukherjee
Senior Advisor
Scott Wilkinson Lean Sonics Supernormal
Scott Wilkinson
Supernormal Consultant
Ross Boyd MBE Leadership Strategy Lean Sonics
Ross Boyd, MBE
Leadership Strategy
Borja Delgado Venture Consultant
Borja Delgado
Venture Consultant
Lean Sonics Monika Kanokova
Monika Kanakova
Community Strategist
Nick Bareham Commercial Consultant Lean Sonics
Nick Bareham
Commercial Consultant
Emma Crossick
Anthony Barrett Coach & Consultant - Lean Sonics
Anthony Barrett
Coach & Consultant
Lean Sonics Aaron Dey
Aaron Dey
Product & Ventures